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Apsara Events

Passed Event

  • Ev. Kirche Budberg, Bischof-Roß-Straße, 47495 Rheinberg
  • 19. November 2021 | 20:00 Uhr



Blockflöten Trio

Apsara | Blockflöten Trio

  • Tomma Wessel
  • Ines Rasbach
  • Katelijne Lanneau

APSARA is an ensemble with a variable line up, centred around the recorder. The musicians keep searching for uncommon music, unheard sounds and new combinations with other instruments or media. The ambition of APSARA is to present varied programs full of challenge and surprise. For centuries chamber music has been the actual sphere of the recorder. Since its founding in the year 2000, APSARA has been performing contemporary and ancient music of all kinds.The list of first performances contains pieces written by Paul Craenen, Alvin Curran, Moritz Eggert, Dominique Pauwels, Serge Verstockt, Errollyn Wallen, Frank Nuyts, Matthew Shlomowitz and others (see below).

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Photo (Einleitung) © Elmar Valter / Photo (Infoblock) © Denis Brissinck